Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Story of Physics - Anne Rooney

From Natural Philosophy to the Enigma of Dark Matter
Physics is the science which ties together all others,aiming to explain the nature of the universe from the smallest subatomic particles to vast galaxies and the very nature of space-time. 
It represents human intellectual endeavor at its most ambitious.

The Story of Physics traces the development of physics from the natural philosophies of the ancient world to cutting-edge experiments in quantum mechanics.

Topics include:
  • The nature of mattter, which was first theorized as atoms 2,500 years ago
  • Light and optics - from simple lenses to the wave-particle duality of light 
  • Masses and forces - harnessing energy and mass to work for us
  • The bizarre subatomic world of quantum mechanics
  • Our fascination with the stars, which prompted the earliest scientific thought
  • The universe around us, from the Big Bang to distant galaxies
The Story of Physics also features the giants of science history, from Archimedes through Newton and Galileo to Curie, Einstein and Hawking. 
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From the Ancient Greeks, who first suggested that matter might be made of indivisible atoms, through the great explorations of Arab, the Renaissance and then Enlightenment scientists, the story of physics has been written through trial and error, sheer persistence, and intermittent flashes of pure genius, despite many periods of persecution, hardship, and danger. 
Author Anne Rooney follows its narrative from the earliest societies to the current day, discovering the entrancing appeal of the secrets that rule the universe. 
On the way from prehistory to the twenty-first century, we encounter Newton poking a needle into his own eye, Einstein paving the way for nuclear weapons, and the ultimate puzzle of dark matter. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout in full color.

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Goodreads Rating - 3.81 out of 5 (21 Ratings, 2 Reviews)
My Rating 4 out of 5.  

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