Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soul Curry for You and Me - An Empowering Philosophy that can Enrich Your Life

Author:       Amitabh Bachchan
Published:   2002
Publisher:    Popular Prakashan
Paperback: 128 pages
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This book is a compilation of more than 150 nuggets of knowledge and wisdom on a wide variety of subjects which Amitabh Bachchan -  the legend of Indian Cinema, used to utter in his captivating baritone voice at the beginning of every episode of  the TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in 2000-2001. 
 Initially I thought  these were actually written by a scriptwriter and all Amitabh was to do was to mouth them as he does in films.
But my doubts were dispelled when I read the preface of this book. Here Amitabh says " What I have written in this book is entirely my handiwork. I have expressed my own views, thoughts and opinions. I have penned it myself. It may be right or wrong, complicated or simple. But it is mine. I am happy".
Amitabh  is an a very good writer too having inherited the writing genes of Harvanshrai Bachchan his father who was a literary giant in Hindi literature. 

A good , simple and inspirational read !  Also read Amitabh's  blog at  for his daily musings.

Sample Quotes:

  • Sometimes loosing can be profitable too. It is so when we shake off our egos, ignorance, fear of criticism, dullness, jealousy and anger.
  • Appreciate the smiles of small children, notice only the good points of others. Your life will always be full of sweetness, peace and satisfaction.
  • To make others happy we need to be happy ourselves.
  • Forgiveness is the best gift you could give to your enemy and for a friend, gift a place in your heart.
  • A vehicle called willpower has valor for wheels, sweat and blood for fuel, duty for engine and faith at the steering.
  • Success comes to those who work hard. Those who wander along the beach find conches and shells. But those who dare to venture into the depth of the ocean discover precious pearls.
  • Knowledge is like a well that will never dry up.
  • In this world no man is so wealthy that he can live without laughter and smiles, and no man is so poor that he does not have the wealth of laughter and smiles.
  • You can call two people a couple only when the two are combined to form one 'we'. When we shed our ego what remains behind is the 'us' factor.
  • The road to success is a crooked and bumpy one - One wonders,  was this road also created by a government contractor ?
I Saved the best one for the last !

  • If a child asks for a chocolate to do something, then he will definitely become a government employee.
  • If the child eats the chocolate but refuses to do work, turns around and causes trouble for you, he is bound to enroll in the police force.
  • If  the child complicates the matter for which he has taken the chocolate, he will become a lawyer.
  • If a child asks you for a chocolate, grabs money from your pocket and yet delays performing the task, he will definitely become a political leader of the nation.
  • If the child eats the chocolate in front of you and yet insists that he has not eaten the chocolate, he will definitely become not just a political leader, but a minister as well !

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