Friday, December 12, 2014

What Works for GE May Not Work For You - Lawrence Solow and Brenda Fake

Using Human System Dynamics to Build a Culture of Process Improvement
This book provides new tools for managing and sustaining process improvement in today’s complex non-linear environments and helps readers apply new, relevant theory to their own management practices. 
With more than 50 combined years of change management and process improvement consulting experience, the authors offer valuable practical insights for creating dynamic organizational change. The first section of the book describes the key bodies of knowledge and process improvement processes (Lean, Six Sigma, and Human Systems Dynamics) used throughout the text. 
The next two sections focus on the case story of TryinHard Marine. 
The authors first highlight the dynamics of a typical linear process improvement implementation. 
They then present ways to combat a range of complex, non-linear, and emergent organizational issues as they arise during the implementation of a Six Sigma initiative. 
The last part explains how to assess readiness to begin a process improvement initiative, select consultants and internal "Belt" candidates, and choose the appropriate tools for projects. The authors also introduce additional tools and concepts to enable adaptive action at all levels of an organization.
This book provides useful information for thinking and behaving in adaptive ways that can be applied to any organization. 
By using the concepts, models, and tools presented, readers can improve their own business improvement processes.

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My Review:
Being a process improvement professional for so many years has taught me that you cannot ignore the human element in any process improvement initiative. 
Nor can you take a cookie cutter approach of installing a methodology, model or framework without adapting it  to the needs of your own organization.
This book is a very good introduction on how to take into account the complexity of human interactions in an organizational level process improvement effort. 
Though the example given in this book is about Six Sigma the concepts are equally applicable for any process improvement initiative.  
Be it Agile, CMMI, Lean or any other flavor of the day.
A must read for all process improvement professionals !


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