Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coffee with Mozart

[Author: Julian Rushton; Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers; Hardcover: 148 pages ]
This pocket-sized biography of the world renowned Western Classical music composer Mozart is written in an interesting format.

It is in the form of imaginary chat between the author and Mozart over a cup of coffee shortly before the death of the musical genius in 1791.

The conversation covers a fairly wide gamut of  Mozart's life - his upbringing; his wonderful compositions; his achievements; his relationships with his father, social superiors and fellow artists; his religious and political beliefs; his precarious finances.

During this conversation Mozart comes out as quite a friendly and helpful person, despite his egotism and tendency  to be whimsical and moody.

The author has helpfully provided a short conventional biography of Mozart in the beginning of the book to set the context for the readers who may not know much about Mozart's life.

Not sure how much  a lay person will appreciate this book. But Western Classical music lovers may find this book an interesting read.



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