Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Newton and his Falling Apple

Author:         Kjartan Poskitt
Illustrator:     Philip Reeve 
Published    2011
Publisher:    Scholastic
Paperback:  192  pages

Any school student would have definitely come across - Newton's Laws of Motion, Newton's Law of Gravity, Newton's Law of Cooling, Newton Rings and so on.
But how many of us know the man - Newton - behind these laws that have given sleepless nights to so many students  while they prepared for the exams. How they  wish that Newton was never born !
This  little book meant primarily meant for students (that includes me too an eternal student , though I am over ....well never mind!) is a delightful humorous, illustrated biography of Newton. I came to know many facts about Newton which I was not aware of.
Want to know more about this book ? Well get hold of a copy  and read it. Too good to be missed !
4 out of 5 !


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