Monday, October 29, 2012

False Impression

[Author: Jeffrey Archer Publisher:Pan Books , Paperback:  464 pages ]

Read a book by Jeffrey Archer after a long long time. Can't remember when I read him last.

Fenston is an an unscrupulous New York based investment banker whose strategy is to  drive his debtors to bankruptcy and also get them killed if it serves his end.
Fenston who is also an art collector is desperate to acquire one of Van Gogh's highly valued painting - Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear from his debtor Lady Victoria Wentworth after getting her killed. How his former employee Anna Petrescu  and the FBI agent Jack Delaney foil his plans is what the story is all about.
Though not one of Jeffrey Archer's best books (I liked his Kane and Abel the best), still it is a fast moving page turner and keeps you interested throughout.



I appreciate Western Art, so I have compiled the following list of Paintings mentioned in this book. I will be providing links to their images one of these days.
  • Turner -  Sunset Over Plymouth
  • Van Gogh - Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear, Geishas in a Landscape, Sunflowers, The Red Vineyard, Reapers in the Field
  • Degas-  Dancing Class with Mme Minette, Dancer before a Mirror, The Dancing Instructor
  • Warhol- Black Marilyn, Shot Read Marilyn
  • Michelangelo- Study of a Mourning Woman
  • Romney-Mrs Siddons as Portia
  • Stubbs-Actaeon Winner of the Derby
  • Picasso - Guernica
  • Monet - Willows at Vetheuil
  • Renoir - Madame Duprez and her Children (The Reading Lesson),
  • Manet - Dinner at the Cafe Guerbois
  • Rembrandt - The Polish Rider, The Beresteyn Family, Titus - The Artist's Son
  • Raphael - The Madonna of the Pinks
  • Munch- The Scream
  • Matisse - View from the Bedroom
  • Caillebotte - Street Sweepers
  • Carvaggio -The Marriage at Cana
  • Tintretto-  Perseus and Andromeda

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