Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Life Tree - Poems

     Author:         A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
     Published:     2005
     Publisher:      Penguin Books India
     Hardcover:   100 pages
     Readers in India

I was browsing in a second-hand book shop when I came across this book. The author, Bharat Ratna A.P.J. Kalam  is perhaps one of  the best President our country India had ever had and is one person whom I would love to meet and talk to. So far I had never read a complete poetry book, but after I  leafed its pages I could not resist buying it. 

This excellently produced book,embellished with beautiful contemporary paintings by Manav Gupta, is a collection of 26 short poems reflecting the musings of the poet Kalam on various subjects like - Youth, Life, Harmony, Happiness, Nature, God, Mother, Dreams , Patriotism etc. For each poem , Kalam also gives a brief background on how the poem was conceived and written.

The poems are  in free verse and read more like a prose. While I don't see a great literary merit in the poems, what makes them endearing to me  is the simplicity of the language and the sincerity and the good intentions with which they are written. This  touches you and strikes a chord. 

A good read for all Kalam admirers !

Previews and Links to Some Poems
  • Song of Youth - "As a young citizen of India, armed with technology, knowledge and love for my nation, I realize, small aim is a crime......" .          Read the Complete Poem.
  • Rock Walls - " Some build rock walls all their lives, When they die miles of walls divide them.Others build rock walls, one rock on another, And: then build a terrace, where they pray for love......."  Read the Complete Poem.
  • My National Prayer - " The grand Scene of birth of Independent India, In that mid-night, the flag of the ruler of two centuries lowered; The tri-color Indian flag flaps in the Red Fort in the midst of National Anthem, The first vision of Independent India was dawned........" Read the Complete Poem.

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