Monday, May 23, 2016

The Steradian Trail by M.N. Krish

They don’t come better than Divya. 
‘Uber-smart’ does not even begin to describe it. 
And even a single-digit All-India rank in everything is nothing more than a left-handed demonstration of the kind of stuff she is made of. 
But the limits of her prowess are suddenly tested when her professor, Lakshman, springs a bizarre new assignment on her—helping out Joshua Ezekiel. 
A world - renowned computer scientist at MIT, Joshua is now in India and in deep, deep trouble. 
A criminal genius who happens to be his former student is brutally murdered, leaving Joshua trapped in the mess and mayhem that follow. 
With Lakshman and Divya firmly on his side, Joshua begins digging up his crooked proteges sinister trail of secrets - secrets which spiral out of an ancient Indian city and unleash shockwaves much, much beyond.... 
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A mind blowing cocktail of science and religion, mythology and technology, history and human greed, The Steradian Trail fires the starting shot of an explosive new series in lifestyle.. 
It is a highly original mystery-thriller that unravels hidden connections between computers, technology, religion, culture and an intelligent crime that will wow readers.
When the MIT professor of computer science, Joshua Ezekiel comes down to India for an academic visit, little does he know that this particular trip is going to be memorable in more than one way.
Professor Lakshman, Joshua Ezekiel's long time friend and batch mate is going to be compelled to take on more than what he thought he was responsible for, when he got instated as Head of the Department of Computer Science of a prestigious technological institute of the nation. 
Divya, Professor Lakshman's brilliant protegé might have made a breakthrough, pleasantly surprising her mentor. 
But convincing her mother that she needs to concentrate on her work instead of learning how to cook or stringing together prayer notes is not going to be an easy task.
The Steradian Trail: Book #0 of The Infinity Cycle opens with a murder that sets everything into motion. 
The events lead Joshua, Lakshman and Divya through a confusing yet enthralling maze of secrets and revelations. 
This involves ancient temples and traditions, in a race against time to understand the trail of secrets left by a dead man whose actions might have an effect more profound than imaginable.

Key Features

  • The book was flagged off in Chennai as part of an innovative radio show on Chennai Live 104.8 FM.
  • Krish said that he wrote the first three books of the series over a ten-year period and there are more in the offing.
  • Plot is made up of ancient history, traditions, mathematics and present day computer science.
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Goodreads Rating - 3.88 out of 5 (138 Ratings, 34 Reviews)
My Rating 4 out of 5.  
My Comments:  A racy plot and a  gripping page turner.The fact that the story is set in IIT-Madras (my alma mater) made it more interesting. 

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