Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Penguin Guide to Vaastu - Sashikala Ananth

The Classical Indian Science of Architecture and Design

The Penguin Guide to Vaastu is a meticulously researched book that seeks to place the ancient Indian art of Vaastu in its proper perspective as a highly evolved science. 
Almost fifteen hundred years before modern Architecture came into its own, Vaastu Shastra, the Classical Indian treatise on architecture, had set down principles of good planning and design which have been in practice in this country ever since.
Today, people expect a Vaastu application to provide them instant cures and unending prosperity by relocating an entrance, window or room. 
However, Ananth, in this meticulously researched book, seeks to place Vaastu in its proper perspective as a highly evolved science, ridding it of the myths surrounding it. 
She examines the schools of thought existing in the tradition, the system's application, and the responsibilities of the designer.
Supplemented with beautiful illustrations, this book is an authoritative text which combines traditional wisdom with the needs of a modern and transitional society. 

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Goodreads Rating - 2.25 out of 5 (4 Ratings; 1 Review)
My Rating 2 out of 5.  

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