Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tales for Trainers by Margaret Parkin

Tales for Trainers is an introduction to using stories, anecdotes and metaphors to give training programs more impact. 
Beginning by setting the use of stories in learning on a sound theoretical footing, the book goes on to include sample stories that trainers can read aloud to groups. 
The author provides 50 tales that will immediately help trainers, managers, educators and coaches to reinforce key messages and stimulate fresh thinking.
Proven to work in a variety of training environments the stories themselves range from ones written specifically by the author to carefully selected extracts from literature (everything from Lewis Carol to James Thurber). The linking factor in all of the stories is that they each work brilliantly as an aid to learning.
Complete with a detailed matrix showing which tales can effectively be used to promote particular learning concepts (communication, leadership, problem solving, dealing with change, etc), this radical and ground-breaking book is sure to change the way you help others to learn. 
[Source: Back cover of the book]

 My Comments
Thought this book would be quite useful and handy for the training programs I conduct. But most of the tales in this book are personal stories of the author which can't be reused effectively . Also I found very few tales having the necessary punch and impact to demonstrate the concept which the author wants to clarify.
I am sure there will be better books in this genre.

Goodreads Rating - 3.5 out of 5 ( 4 Ratings)

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