Saturday, December 28, 2013

Medical Statistics from Scratch by David Bowers

Statistics plays a key role in medical research and investigations.

The field of Medical Statistics focuses statistical procedures well-suited to the analysis of healthcare related data.
David Bowers, the author of this book introduces the readers to medical statistics without resorting to complex mathematics. 
He  focuses more on the understanding of the key concepts behind the statistical procedures. The book provides useful advice on which procedure to  choose for data analysis and under what circumstances.
The author also explains how to interpret outputs from statistical programs like Minitab.
The topics covered in this book include - Data description, designing a statistical study, making statistical inferences about the population based on samples, confidence interval estimation, test of hypothesis, measuring associations and agreement between two variables, regression models, survival analysis, meta-analysis.
The theory discussed in the book is well-supported by lots of examples and exercises based on  the data  drawn from the latest medical research literature. 
On several occasions the discussions in the book in a particular chapter make references to the tables and graphs introduced in  earlier chapters. This is somewhat annoying since one has to search for them and keep juggling between pages. It would have been better if such tables and graphs  were repeated where they are discussed or been collated in form of an appendix. This is the only drawback of this well-written , interesting and reader-friendly book.

Highly recommend it as an introductory text on medical statistics. ! 


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