Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Interpreting the CMMI - A Process Improvement Approach

 It is very heartening to see that the authors of this book primarily take a process improvement approach towards interpreting CMMI to derive real business benefits as against writing a cookbook on how to pass a CMMI appraisal.
One limitation of this book is while trying to "write this book for the widest audience possible—that is, for the experienced process improvement practitioner, the inexperienced practitioner, the CMMI expert, and the CMMI novice" the authors have not gone deep into most of the topics they have discussed. Hence the book does not rise much above an overview book. 
Nevertheless this is one book which everyone should read if before they tackle the CMMI elephant !
Read more details about this book in my business website.
Publication Details: Authors :Margaret K. Kulpa and Kent A. Johnson ; Publisher: CRC Press LLC. ; Hardcover: 426 pages.

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