Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top Business Psychology Models

Business psychology: Studies and theories which help us understand or explain human behavior, emotions and cognitions at work. Business psychology has linkages with other areas like human physiology, spirituality and philosophy which have implications on performance at work. 
In this book the authors, Cantore and Passmore, have picked 50 business psychology models.
These models are introduced in short chapters (around 4-5 pages per chapter). 
To provide a concise overview of 50 models in 200 pages is a daunting task by any standards. But the authors have done a pretty good job here in introducing the reader to these models and giving pointers to further information. 
A very good reference book which should be on the bookshelves of business leaders, consultants and coaches.
More details about this book are available on my business website.  

Publication Details: Authors : Stefan Cantore and Jonathan Passmore; Published:2012; Publisher: Kogan Page ; Paperback: 224 pages.  

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