Monday, June 17, 2013

Outliers - The Story of Success

[Author: Malcolm Gladwell Publisher: Backbay Books , Paperback:  346 pages ]
People who are extraordinarily smart, accomplished and successful are very few. They are Outliers ! You won't come across them in your normal course of life.
What makes them stand out among the crowd ? In this book the bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell  says that intelligence, ambition , personality traits may be necessary but not sufficient conditions for becoming such extremely  successful  achievers. The circumstances-  like culture, family, time, location, upbringing, luck etc. - in which they are  born and grow up in, play a major role in their achievements.
This book is full of examples and case studies of outliers to substantiate this theory. The reason why a person is an outlier is well researched and described in a very interesting manner.  At the first instance the linkages between the causes and the outstanding success stories are not obvious and even seem bizarre  . But once Gladwell explains it one can see how well they stand the test of logic.
One of the most interesting books I have read so far this year. A must read !

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