Saturday, July 14, 2012

Business Genius

Author:        Peter Fisk
Published   2008 
Publisher:   Capstone Publishing Ltd. 
Hardcover: 360 pages. 
Genius = Intelligence + Imagination = Extraordinary Results
We need to combine intelligence and imagination (the Yin and the Yang) in a synergistic manner to gain new insights, generate unusual ideas and achieve extraordinary results. This is the underlying theme of this book.
The four Yin-Yang fusions discussed in four parts of this book are:
1. Right Brain + Left Brain = Holistic Thinking
2. Radical Ideas + Practical Action = Dramatic Impact
3. Future Back + Now Forward = Enlightened Innovation
                                   4. Outside In + Inside Out = Engaged Customers
A very handy and information packed reference book which every business professional should read ! 

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