Friday, March 2, 2012

A Slice of Pi - All the Maths You Forgot to Remember from School

Author:         Liz Strachan  
Published:   2009
Publisher:    Constable & Robinson  Ltd.
Hardcover:  176  pages

I am always on the lookout for tips and guidance on how to make a subject interesting while teaching it.
This compact book written by Liz Strachan, a school teacher whose experience spans 36 long years, is about how to make mathematics enjoyable to the students.
This book is a compilation of about 66 short 5-minute reads consisting of - anecdotes about famous mathematicians, her experiences from her classroom,  facts and stories behind some mathematical principles,  trivia, puzzles, tricks and short-cut calculations.

The author is able to demonstrate that mathematics can be fun and is not just a mysterious subject meant for those with high IQs.
No wonder she  was one of the four writers shortlisted  for Educational Writers Award 2010.
A right book to be presented to those who hate or  are scared of mathematics !


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Ordered mine.waiting for flip kart to deliver.

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