Thursday, June 30, 2011

India A History : From the Earliest Civilisation to the Boom of the Twenty-first Century

Author:       John Keay
Published:   2010
Publisher:    Harper Collins
Paperback:  688 Pages
Documenting the history of our country India - the ancient, diverse, multi-cultural, complex, motherland of ours - even in a voluminous book of  almost 700 pages is next to impossible. The author has admirably overcome this challenge and done precisely that. He presents to us a very  impartial and unbiased history of India right from Harappan civilization till the present day IT boom.
It is almost like reading a fascinating story or watching a well-made documentary. However the narration of post-independence history is somewhat dry as compared to the pre-independence history. But it is quite informative especially about the post-partition internal politics of Pakistan and Bangladesh which I was not much aware of.
The text is well supported by over 60 photographs of historical monuments and events and about100 tables, charts and maps to enable better understanding and appreciation.
I feel with some editing to simplify the text , this book can be used as a textbook in high schools too. 
I would recommend this highly readable book for everyone who during their school days  branded Indian history as a dull subject . 
The author through this book clearly demonstrates that  it need not be so.

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