Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Performance Score Card (2009-2010) for this Blog

46 Book Reviews/Summaries has been posted by me in "Bookworm Reads" blog, over the last one year ! Was it a worthwhile exercise ? 
How were they received by the netizens around the world ?
Here is the Blog Performance Score Card for  the last year (Mar 1 2009 - Feb 28 2010)
  •  925 Unique Visitors (2-3 visitors per day).
  • Visitors  from 61 countries ,  
  • Top 6 countries in terms of visitors  - India, USA, UK, Philippines, Canada, Germany
  • Total of  2024 page views , approx. 2 pages per visitor.
  • Top 6 page views :
    1. Home page (519 page views)
    2. Go Kiss the World  - Subroto Bagchi (253 page views)
    3. Aligning Ferret - Swapna KishoreRajesh Naik (130 page views)
    4. Like the Flowing River - Paulo Coelho  (97 page views)
    5. The High-Performance Entrepreneur - Subroto Bagchi (59 page views)
    6. The Final Reckoning - Sam Bourne (50 page views)
Apart from this it was a pleasure to get  responses from some of the authors whose books I had reviewed in this blog.
Amandeep Sandhu - the author of Sepia Leaves &   
Bob Harvey - the author of   Tork and Grunt's Guide to Great Presentations , posted their comments in this blog. 
Amandeep Sandhu also added a link to this blog in his website.
The authors of Aligning Ferret (Rajesh Naik) and Stop Sleepwalking through Life (Devdas Menon) responded  through e-mails.
All these are quite encouraging enough to keep me motivated to post more reviews on a regular basis in this blog.
Hope to better my performance in the forthcoming year !

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