Saturday, November 7, 2009

Freedom from the Known

Author : J. Krishnamurti
Compiler and Editor:
Mary Lutyens
Published: 1969
Krishnamurti Foundation, India

Various talks of the philosopher J. Krishnamurti (JK) has been compiled and organized by his biographer Mary Lutyens in form of this book. This book had a stamp of approval from JK himself .

Some of the subjects which JK talks about in this book are :
The basic nature of man; Truth; Freedom from Authority; Simplicity and Humility; Conditioning; Consciousness and Awareness; Pursuit of Pleasure; Self-Concern; Fear; Violence and Anger; Relationship; Freedom; Sorrow; Death; Love; Thinking.

JK's philosophy is in a nutshell is - Search for and follow your own path which you think will avoid all conflicts and bring peace within yourself.
Though JK says he does not agree with any system of philosophy, his views are very similar to Advaita and Buddhist philosophy.
Also his message - Don't be conditioned by anybody else's thoughts or views including his (JK's) own - is a paradox. If you say that you agree with him and are not being conditioned by JK , you are actually "getting conditioned" by his message of " not being conditioned by anyone".

But all said and done whether you agree with JK or not , in my opinion this book is an excellent introduction to his thoughts. It is quite an easy read for anyone who is accustomed to reading books on philosophy.

This edition of the book published by Krishnamurti Foundation, India is available in India at a very subsidized price of Rs. 20 (approx. 40 cents) only.

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