Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inspiration - Your Ultimate Calling

Author: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Published: 2006
Publisher: Hay House India
More than 25 years ago the books - Your Erroneous Zones and Pulling Your Own Strings - by Dr. Dyer were great sources of motivation for me when I was going through an uncertain phase of my life.
However over the last decade I have been more drawn towards books which are spiritual and philosophical in content. I am not too much into the self-help books which guide you towards material success and benefits. I was having an opinion that Dr. Dyer's writings also fall into the same category and had not read any of his recent works. I was wrong !
While browsing through this book in a bookshop, I felt it was different from other books of Dr. Dyer which I had read earlier and was more towards my current views. So I bought it (another reason being it was very economically priced at Rs. 99 (approx. $2) !).
The book is divided into 5 parts.
Part I explains the viewpoint that inspiration means being fully awake to the Spirit within us and experiencing joy.
Part II deals with fundamentals of inspiration.
Part III is about giving and receiving inspiration.
Part IV tells how to converse with your spiritual source.
In Part V, Dr. Dyer takes a personal look at inspiration and talks about how life looks to him when he feels inspired.
Influence of Indian philosophy on Dr. Dyer is strongly evident throughout the book as he quotes from Patanjali, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Sathya Sai Baba and Bhagavad Gita in several places.
On the whole quite a good read though nothing exceptional about it.


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